Thursday, January 28, 2010

Indian Designer Quilts

The word quilt has come from the Latin culcita. That means a padded and tied mattress. Quilts are warm bed coverings that are made by sewing three things; a top fabric, an insulating material and a backing material.

India has a strong inhabitant quilting tradition and has been doing enormous export work in embroidered quilts, copper print, jay card fabric, polyester, quilt with handmade patchwork and much more.

Indian quilts are not just a piece of stupendous craftsmanship but it also contains a history with stories in itself. Indian quilts are mostly handmade articles. Designing a quilt is a dexterous work because a particular design reflects an unique blend of skills and traditional values. So it totally depends on a craftsman’s creativity.

Different tools are used to make various designs according to stuff, design, size and weight. Wisely used combination of colors, patterns and background material makes it very attractive. Making a fascinating designer quilt totally depends on your imagination. There is no boundary made that to limit its formation.

Keeping all this in our mind we try our best to provide you with an ample variety of designer quilts that contain different contemporary styles, unique color schemes, textures, designs, sizes and patterns and most of all comfort. Our efforts are to provide you fine finishing quilts along with durability and reliability.

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100% Cotton Quilt with Heavy Embroidery.

Size = 220 x 240

100% Polyester with Copper Print & Patch work.

Size = 220 X 240